About TraknProtect

We’re an inventory tracking and analytics platform that helps hotels save money by providing real-time location of guest-requested items for increased employee efficiency and enhanced customer service. In addition, we provide analytics and insights into inventory usage to help hotels forecast and budget inventory needs. We’re currently working with hotels across the country including Hyatt McCormick Place, Hyatt Regency Chicago, Clarion Inn and Grand Hyatt New York and they’ve seen some considerable results!

  • Decrease Time to Locate Items

  • Decrease Time to Conduct Inventory

  • Save Capital Costs by Using Data Analytics to Make Inventory Decisions

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TraknProtect Product Overview

Why use TraknProtect

  • Better Customer Reviews

  • Time & Money Savings

  • Digitize Your Inventory

"We're very excited to be working with TraknProtect because they help us increase our employee efficiencies. As quick as they can deliver those items to our guests, it provides a better customer experience and that's our number one goal - to provide better experiences than all the other hotels."

- Jeff Thompson
Director of Rooms - Hyatt McCormick Place

Key Product Indicator

  • +200%

  • +15%

  • +30%

  • -10%

  • -50%