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As part of the 5-Star Promise, AccorHotels reinforced its commitment to the safety and security of our employees as a top priority and to emphasize its “Feel Valued” pledge to its employees such that each employee will enjoy a positive and fulfilling experience and also reflects Accor’s promise to empower and encourage talent to blossom. The requirements for AccorHotels are:

  • Employee Safety Devices (ESD’s) are required for employees entering guestrooms & restrooms alone
  • This requirement is mandatory for all Accor managed properties
  • This requirement is optional for all Accor franchised hotels and will be provided with technology options and pricing.

Why should a hotel still comply? Read this article to learn why you should provide safety buttons even if they are not mandatory.

TraknProtect Solutions



The TraknProtect platform is easy to use and easy to deploy given its engineered simplicity to provide a robust platform for employee safety, inventory tracking, room tray tracking and vendor tracking.




The TraknProtect safety platform provides accurate real-time location of an employee when a safety button is activated by triangulating and collecting the safety button’s location data through a network of gateway hubs deployed or through existing WiFi access points at the property.

Learn more about what makes TraknProtect one of the leading ESD providers nationwide.


This product demonstration video is a quick introduction to our employee safety button solution. Our CEO, Parminder Batra, explains our technology, how the buttons work and how they alert appropriate staff of an alert through multiple means of communication.