Anjali Gurnani

Strategy Advisor

TraknProtect Strategy Advisor

Anjali is the Business Strategy Advisor to TraknProtect for its IoT platform’s and safety button’s market penetration in the hospitality market. Anjali has held various roles over the past 15 years that have included being a co-founder, business strategy advisor, market strategist, product leader and sales and business development executive. She has worked with companies at every stage of the product life cycle (ranging from emerging startups and venture-backed software to Fortune 500 companies), tackling product development to increase sales velocity and organic growth without increasing customer acquisition costs. Anjali enjoys evaluating customer business model transformations and data opportunities.

Anjali’s firm, Tribology, provides strategy and interim executive services to growth stage companies. She helps such companies refine or realign their product strategy and operations to address and respond to customer needs based on unbiased customer research. Prior to founding Tribology, Anjali was the Chief of Staff at Uptake, where she executed on the company’s core strategy with key leadership team while also promoting platforms, products, and ecosystems to multiple market segments. She also helped Uptake grow its market share by designing cross-sell/upsell portfolios to maximize customer value.

Prior to Uptake, she also co-founded at Athena Security and Lisle Technology Partners. Athena Security allows companies have the tools to improve network service levels and recover from problems quickly. At Athena, she led business growth and development and go-to-market strategy until its successful exit and purchase by SolarWinds. And Lisle Technology Partners (Lisle) develops productivity-enhancing business solutions and helps translate clients’ business strategies into technology architecture and e-business solutions. As the Director of Business Development at Lisle, she helped build the product strategy and go-to-market strategy.

As TraknProtect’s Business Strategy Advisor, she brings together her experiences to convert market insights and technology value propositions into products that address customer needs and market segmentation. And she also guides the company’s go-to-market strategy for the hospitality industry and other related verticals