Inventory Tracking

Real-time tracking for more efficient staff deployment and inventory utilization

Inventory Tracking Solution


When a guest request comes in, the TraknProtect inventory tracking solution lets you know the real time location of your inventory so that your employees can exceed guest expectations by delivering these items quickly and efficiently. And hotels can use asset utilization insights to make data-driven decisions about how much inventory to keep on hand to meet guest demands.

The inventory tracking solution is part of a complete TraknProtect Internet of Things (IoT) solution that includes safety buttons, room tray tracking and vendor tracking

Increase Productivity

Improve staff productivity and inventory utilization by always knowing the exact location of hotel equipment and ancilliary guest items.

Immediate Asset Inventory

Reduce asset down-time with the benfit of real time location on all your inventory.

Capital Cost Savings

Make smarter purchasing decisions with analytics-based inventory data at your fingertips.

What Can you track?

The TraknProtect platform creates a total inventory management solution enabling location tracking of a wide variety of items anywhere in your property.

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Electrical Closets

Storage Closets

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