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TraknProtect room tray tracking solution is the first BLE room tracking system designed to enhance your guest’s experience by keeping hotel corridors and public spaces clean and free from clutter.

Most hotels use manual labor, that is, have an employee walk hallways to find and remove the dirty room trays. This is time-consuming, still does not mean the trays are removed quickly and efficiently and most importantly, prevents employees from engaging with guests. The room tray tracking solution automates the process so that employees can get alerts and get back to what they do best – engaging with your guests. 

The room tray tracking solution is part of the TraknProtect Internet of Things (IoT) platform that includes safety button, inventory tracking and vendor tracking



Increase Cleanliness

Improve guest environments with clean and clear hallways and public service areas 

Improved Staff Management

Improve productivity with automatic alerts and work orders via the TraknProtect App or your service optimization solution such as HotSOS, and to automate alerts to remind staff to check on guests on their orders.

Decrease Time

Improve service times and use data analytics to track time to deliver food & beverage items to guests and the time spent to retrieve used room trays. And also reduce labor costs and the staff downtime required to manually check dirty trays in the hallways. 

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