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The TraknProtect Safety Button was designed based on feedback from hoteliers and employees to be easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy solution. The solution provides greater peace of mind for your customer-facing employees with the assurance that they can summon assistance quickly and effectively when they need it the most. The award-winning solution also helps hotels comply with their local/state laws for safety buttons and also AHLA’s 5-Star Promise,  that several major hotel brands have committed to – including a commitment to provide safety buttons to their employees by December 31, 2020.  TraknProtect safety buttons help create a safer environment for both your staff and your guests.

And TraknProtect is the only company to have the safety solution as part of a comprehensive Internet of Things (IoT) platform that helps hotels increase productivity and efficiency on the same platform as the safety buttons. The IoT platform includes inventory tracking, room tray tracking and vendor tracking


One-click activation of the safety button to alert others that an employee needs help.

Location Specific

Know exact room & floor location when the button is pressed.

Updated Location

Get updated location, even if the employee
moves/is moved.

Incident Record

Record notes, pictures & files right from the App.


WHY TRAKNPROTECT? Simple, Accurate & Reliable. No extensive cabling or hardwiring required. And the TraknProtect system can be installed quickly and easily – without taking rooms out of inventory.

Benefits SUMMARY

Multiple Alert Formats

Multiple format of alerts, i.e. SMS, push notifications or desktop alerts, configured to your preferences.

Ease of Use

One-click activation on safety button, light and easy to carry on a lanyard or attached to master keys to make them readily accessible.

Engineered Simplicity

Engineered Simplicity – easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy
from both installation & user

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