Sunil Gaitonde

Technical Advisor

Technology Advisor Safety Buttons

Sunil is a serial entrepreneur that advises TraknProtect as the company’s Technology Advisor as the company continues to be a market leader for safety buttons and IoT platform in hotels. Sunil is CEO of kPoint Technologies, a software platform that enables search feature in videos. Prior to kPoint, Sunil founded Great Software Laboratory (GS Lab) in September 2003 to focus on product development in the area of next generation communication and collaboration infrastructure. GS Lab, using the bootstrapping model, has grown organically to the point where the company now has more than 100 people. Sunil has also led GS Lab into partnerships with several leading-edge start-ups contributing to innovative products in the area of network security and data communication.

Sunil served as the Chairman of the board of Sarvega, which he founded in Chicago in June 2000. During his tenure as the Chief Executive Officer, Sunil raised two rounds of funding of over $20M during one of the most difficult times in the high-tech industry. Sarvega, The XML NetworkingCompany™, provides leading products that secure and scale XML-based Web  services applications. Under Sunil’s leadership Sarvega deployed the world’s first XML appliance in production in 2001 and is the only company to deploy XML networking equipment in Global 1000 enterprises, carriers, and governments worldwide. Sarvega was acquired by Intel in August 2005.

Sunil joined Cisco Systems in 1995 as a result of Cisco’s acquisition of Internet Junction, and led teams to build appliances such as Cisco Cache engine, Micro Web Server and IpXchange Server. He was also responsible for identifying next generation products, helping Cisco with technical due diligence of successful acquisition targets of over $8B.

Prior to Cisco, Sunil founded Internet Junction in 1994 which became, in 1995, the sixth overall Cisco acquisition. In the days before TCP/IP became native on windows, Internet Junction made Internet connectivity easy to use for Novell users by providing service-bridging between IPX and IP protocols in a simple, configuration-less way.

Sunil is a charter member of TiE. He holds several patents in the field of data communications and has written numerous papers in reputed journals. He has a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University and a B. Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India.

At TraknProtect, as the Technology Advisor, Sunil provides keen technical insight to working with large enterprise clients and building sustainable scalable solutions that can easily evolve with shifting market needs and customer requirements.