Attn Washington hotels our podcast is up and it’s all about the upcoming safety button legislation guidelines. And find out what questions you should be asking your provider about the future. LISTEN NOW

Tim Hansen



Powering our technology solutions, Tim Hansen has extensive management experience building and developing engineering, product, operations, and quality assurance teams across a variety of industry sectors. Well-used to the startup culture, having been founder and CTO of medical company Avansar, Tim’s expertise is being deployed at TraknProtect to help the company scale its software and hardware engineering processes, and continuing to deliver our technological excellence to our customers. His focus is also on our wider issue of bringing a new culture of safety to the hospitality industry.  “While we’re always highly focused on the technology we bring to our customers, for me, it’s the quality and reliability of the end-user experience that really guides our mission,” he says. When not driving our product development or guiding our engineering crews, Tim can be found tinkering in his garage of collectable cars or engaged on a variety of building projects.