Give your guests peace of mind



Automatically creates an audit of trail of date/time and duration of cleaning

Protocol Compliance

Utilize multiple data points to confirm compliance with cleaning protocols

Seamless Deployment

Use existing TraknProtect hubs or WAPs to deploy

Leverages TraknProtect
IoT Platform

Built on TraknProtect’s IoT Platform which includes safety buttons resulting in cost savings

Full Property Coverage


Guest Elevators

Hotel Gyms

Lobby & Public Areas

  • Audit trail for housekeeping activities of hotel staff in all guest areas; non-guest areas such as staff break-rooms are excluded
  • Designed to allow hotels to share real-time access to relevant and reliable information to corporate buyers and travelers
  • Personally identifiable information (PII) is stored anonymously for all housekeeping activity that is gathered, stored and utilized
  • Data aggregation conducted intermittently to avoid real-time tracking concerns of housekeeping staff

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