Our recent webinar is available to view. CLICK HERE to hear CEO Parminder and IHLA’s President & CEO Michael Jacobson detail the upcoming Illinois Legislation.


Advocating for a safer industry.

Our Commitment to a Safer Hospitality Industry

We strongly believe in the fundamental tenets of the hospitality industry to which we proudly belong and the desire to serve the essential qualities of humanity; the need for shelter and the dedicated provision of care. It was the need to help create safer hospitality environments for both workers and guests that led to the creation of our company, and it’s the principle that guides our technology, our training and our customer outreach everyday. 

Working Toward an End to Human Trafficking

For too many the hospitality industry represents not a place of welcome but one of danger and fear.  Today, thousands of exploited women and children in the United States are trafficked through our hospitality system and it’s a practice we join with our industry in helping to eradicate. Fortunately, we have some powerful partners in this fight and we urge you to support them as we help make hospitality safer for all. 


We strongly endorse and support the efforts made by the AHLA and the major brands in the development of the Five-Star Promise to include the eradication of human trafficking. Please visit their site below to learn more about this important initiative.